Getting a mortgage on a fixed term employment contract

Podcast approved by The Openwork Partnership on 13/06/23. Anthony McQuilliam is here to talk us through getting a mortgage on a fixed term employment contract.  How does a mortgage on a fixed term contract differ from a standard mortgage? With standard mortgages, most lenders look at the last three months’ payslips. If you’re self-employed, they […]

NHS Mortgage Guide

An NHS mortgage is a particular type of mortgage available to employees of the National Health Service. These mortgages are designed to help NHS workers purchase or remortgage a property. There are a number of different benefits that come with taking out an NHS mortgage, including preferential interest rates and access to special schemes such […]

Remortgaging for Renovations & Home Improvements

What is a renovation mortgage? A renovation mortgage is a type of loan specifically designed to finance home improvements. Like any other mortgage, the loan is secured against your property, which means that if you default on the payments, your lender could repossess your home. However, unlike a standard mortgage, the loan amount is based […]

POD Guide – Proof of deposit for a mortgage

To make things even more complicated, lenders also require borrowers to submit a Proof of Deposit form (a PoD for short). This little document goes a long way. It verifies that the person getting the mortgage is actually in possession of enough funds for a downpayment on the mortgage itself. But that’s just the intro. […]

How long does it take to release mortgage funds?

When are funds needed when buying a property? If you’re buying a property, you’ll need to have your mortgage funds available at various stages of the process. Typically, you’ll need to have your deposit ready when your offer is accepted, as this will usually be around five to ten per cent of the property’s value. […]

Can I Remortgage to Buy Another Property?

Fortunately, getting to grips with remortgaging can be of real benefit for your financial well-being, as you can ensure that you are making the right decision by remortgaging to buy another property for the sake of your bank balance and credit score both now and in the future. It’s more than possible for you to […]

Single Parents Mortgage Guide

It’s very true that being a single parent is not easy. If you want to get a mortgage, then you may be convinced that this is going to be impossible. This is not true at all, in fact, it’s very straightforward if you know the process and if you are aware of the help that […]

Can You Get A Mortgage On A Fixed Term Contract?

Luckily with the help of Bolt Mortgages, you can have vital help with getting mortgages on a fixed term contract. Bolt Mortgages are an expert team of mortgage specialists dedicated to helping first-time buyers secure the home of their dreams. This guide is carefully designed by Bolt Mortgages to help those on a temporary contract […]

What is an SA302 Form & SA302 Example?

An SA302 form is an important document that proves that you have paid your taxes in full. It can be used to claim tax reliefs or tax refunds. The form is usually issued by HMRC (Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs) to self-employed individuals and small business owners. This document provides an overview of one’s tax […]